Cornwall (Ashcroft - Cache Creek) - Revised Nov 28th 2015

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Cornwall (Ashcroft - Cache Creek) - Revised Nov 28th 2015

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Site Name: Cornwall
KVR Website:

Cornwall Hills Provincial Park is precedence setting for our sport for flying in Provincial Parks.
See: ... all_hills/

One of the best XC sites in Canada. Read an XC Triangle Flight Report Cornwall to Basils Bumb.

Direction of Launch: East . . . . . Site Suitable for: HG & PG
Type of Site: Mtn. . . . . . . . . . . . Type of Flying: Thermal
Elevation Launch: 6500' asl . . . .GPS: N 50° 41" 36.4 W 121° 26" 55.5
Elevation LZ: 1500' asl . . . . . . . .GPS LZ: N 50° 43' 04 W. 121° 19° 39.4
Site Regulation: Informal . . . . . . XC Potential: Excellent 150 Km +
Location: 10 Km south of Cache Creek on the west side of Hwy 1

Flying Season: Assign value 0,1,2,3 or 4 (Highest)
Spring 0 . . . . . Summer 4 . . . . . Fall 4 . . . . . Winter 0

Rating Recommendations: Mild: Nov
Moderate: Int . . . . . Strong: Int. to Adv.

Vehicle / Transportation Requirements:
Good road except for a short section 3/4 of the way up where you are happier in 4WD or a high clearance 2WD.

Description of Launch:
a) Natural Alpine meadow grass slope. Lots of setup area. Cars can drive right to launch but please stay on the road!
b) You can also kite from most sides of the summit alpine bowl.

Cornwall Launch South East View


Cornwall's North East View


Launch Road Directions to Cornwall "Hills"
When you are 17 km south of Cache Creek (7.5 Km south of Ashcroft Manor) turn west onto Hat Creek Road. "Zero" your trip meter.
At 13.4 km take the right turn onto Cornwall Hills Forest Service Road
- 100 meters of road up to the Three Sisters Forestry Recreation site can be deeply rutted.

Cornwall Hills Lookout is at 22.4 Km (13.9 Miles)
a) Drive 200m past the lookout and take the left fork for 100m to "Lower" Launch
- The Parking Area is the grassy area on the east side of the road where it has been widened for a parking area,

There are scenic grassy slopes for Paragliding Kiting facing most directions around the lookout.

Soaring Information and Weather Notes:
For your HAGAR Canadian Airspace information
See: ... space.html

Canada Rasp:

Launch is Class G uncontrolled airspace to 9,000' ASL, Class E from 9000' ASL and Class B above 12,500 ASL.
Airway V325 immediately east of launch runs north to south down the valley and is controlled airspace from 2200' AGL.
Re-set your altimeter to the accurate launch altitude before flying.

Call Transport Canada's Kamloops Flight Services Station at 250-376-7941 prior to any XC flight near the Kamloops Control Zone. Fly around the 5 mile control zone, not through it.
FSS will require information about where you are flying from, where to, what time period, expected altitude and if you carry a radio.

Get a good run at takeoff. You're at 6500' ASL.
Held many local XC records for many years. Particularly good site in late summer / early fall stable conditions.
Otherwise known to get blown out from time to time. Long valleys can be windy.
If there S - SW Winds, fly from the alpine tower summit or at Basil's Bump just east of Cache Creek.
Flying Sites Photo Gallery at: Ashcroft Manor & TeaHouse Flight Park

Sept 2012 Update:
Kim Jenner recently bought a high end Payout Winch.

Times to Fly: Good morning site, and a surprisingly good afternoon site for an East facing launch.

Over Cache Creek looking south towards Ashcroft Manor & TeaHouse Flight Park seen at the far right of this photo.


Description of LZ:
Large flat fields east or west of HG Pilot Kim & Audrey Jenner's Ashcroft Manor & TeaHouse Flight Park. Sometimes bumpy due to thermals breaking off.

The designated LZ is northwest of the Ashcroft Manor & TeaHouse Flight Park.
- You may land (East of) behind the manor but ask first. Kim may want to grab his glider and join you.
Beware of thermal turbulence in the LZ.
If you land on the flats behind the "Ashcroft Ranch" (the area between the bottom of the mountain and Hwy 1.)
- You MUST report on the farm manager BEFORE continuing past the ranch and up onto the flats.

You can also land on top just south of the launch.

Elephant Hill Provincial Park has East, South and West Launches.
Take the Trans Canada Hwy #1 5 km southeast of Cache Creek, the park is accessed via Hwy 97C towards Ashcroft.

Elephant Hill East Launch looking south east over the Fraser River and Ashcroft, 3 Km to the south.


Landing Field Directions:
HG Pilot Kim & Audrey Jenner's Ashcroft Manor & TeaHouse Flight Park is immediately beside the Trans Canada Highway #1, 7.5 Km north of the Cornwall turnoff, or 9 Km south of Cache Creek.

Ashcroft Manor's Licensed Teahouse / Restaurant:


Other Information:

At 14.6 km on the road up, the Track to left takes you near the "Bedard Aspen Garden"
- to enjoy this diversion, you must hike the last couple of kms in as the road ends in a meadow.

* You pass through Oregon Jack Provincial Park to arrive at Cornwall Hills Park.

Juniper Beach Campground looking west towards Ashcroft Manor & TeaHouse Flight Park.


FIC Advanced Weather Briefing and HAGAR Notification:
1-866-WXBRIEF (1-866-992-7433) French service: 1-866-GOMETEO (1-866-466-3836)

Radio Frequency: 123.4 Mhz (Aircraft) & 173.640 Mhz, Local Club frequency: 146.415

Alpine meadows are extremely sensitive and take decades to recover from traffic.
The Native Reservation Council has made the following requests for launch:
1, Don't leave any litter or human waste.
2. Keep dogs on a leash and respect delicate alpine flora & fauna.
3. No camping at the launch site.

Site Record(s): Altitude Gain: 11,999' Open Distance: 150 Km
Duration: . . . . . Dog Leg: . . . . . Out & Return: . . . . . Triangle: . . . . . Race to Goal:

Primary Local Contacts: . . . . Regulating Body: Thompson Valley Soaring Club (TVRC)

HG: Kim Jenner Tel: 250-453-9983
- at Ashcroft Manor & TeaHouse Flight Park
HG: Dave Wagner Tel 250-579-9182
HG: Lawrence Barichello 250-376-9972
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