Mara Emergency / Alternate LZ Acquired

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Mara Emergency / Alternate LZ Acquired

Postby Fred Wilson » Sun Nov 08, 2015 12:17 pm

Cale Smilar 250-838-5521 owns the farm South West of the parking cul de sac at our Poirier Rd. Lz.

He now allows us to use it as an Emergency LZ for Mara.
As an example, many pilots, especially girls are nervous about landing in the regular LZ when cattle is in it. There is one particularly aggressive Bull in that herd.
So we are good to go to land in his property on such occasions.

Secondly, if for any reason we need at Temporary Alternate LZ for any reason, we are good to go there, so long as we obtain permission from him first. Just avoid doing this when his hay crop is high,

Thirdly, if we lose the Mara LZ (its still for sale) he will consider making an arrangement with us for a parking, landing area and breakdown area on his farm.

His contact info has been added to our list of landowners who have given us permission to land on their property, and is, as of now, covered as such by the HPAC Insurance Policy. (Verbal permission is all that is required for this to kick in.)
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Re: Mara Emergency / Alternate LZ

Postby Fred Wilson » Sun Nov 08, 2015 12:23 pm

Logging operators have put up a hut with a small microwave tower immediately south of the Mara launch. So the road may be plowed in all winter again.
The logging Radio channel is posted and shows up on your radio display while you are in range.


About half way up to launch, at the first of the three logging roads branching off, directly east of the LZ, Keith Balcaen logging has just rebuilt the road and is actively logging right now.
This is the area where the first batch of good thermal getting you high is situated.
So with a simple phone call, we could get them to stump another launch for us.
Better for novices, students and for very stable days. Something to consider anyway...

The Arid Reclamation Grass seed I spread at Fly Hills is apparently coming up gangbusters.
The same seed was spread at Mara Launch as well, but it was snowed in so I could not see how well there.
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