Revelstoke XC July 2014

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Revelstoke XC July 2014

Postby RichardB » Tue Jul 15, 2014 12:38 pm

The short version:

The long version..

Wednesday - July 09, 2014

Viewing XC skies - the forecast for Friday July 11th was looking great for a Revelstoke XC to Golden. Light to moderate winds blowing east, high cloud base, early start, and reasonably strong conditions.

I called Evo who has done the route several times and we discussed the conditions and some of the challenges . We both agreed that it was doable - Evo would like to join me but he was still recovering from a broken ankle and would not be able to hike out if required.

Fred Wilson - had been posting about wanting to drive for anyone going XC so I touched base with him - and he was in.

I then contacted Chris Delworth, a Revelstoke tandem pilot who has made the Golden flight before. He was available and wanted to fly. He was unsure Golden was going to work but talked about the option of heading south towards New Denver (on his hit list). "Wait until we get high and make the decision then".

Friday July 11th

Up early, to excited to sleep, checked Canadarasp and xcskies - stronger North winds than previous forecast but it still looked good. I picked up Fred around 7:45am and we headed to Revy - hoping for an early start. A few detours, road construction…. We arrived in Revy about 11am and met Chris and Darcy at the landing zone.

By the time we were setup at launch around 12:30 there were some very nice strong cycles coming in.

Darcy was not going XC and launched 1st - he hit a strong thermal right away - things were looking good.

Chris and I launched soon after - about 1pm and sure enough - I barely had enough time to turn around from my reverse launch and I was going up.

Although there were some nice thermals - we were topping out around 10k (not that high for Revy). There was a North wind - but not that strong. After about 20 minutes Chris and I decided that South it would be !

The 1st part of the flying was a little bumpy - nice and active and kept us high. Topped up on Cartier - almost 11k and continued the glide South.

We lost a lot of altitude between there and just before McCrae Peak. I was starting to check out landing options… Chris was ahead of me and quite a bit higher. Watching Chris work the terrain was good experience - very skilled pilot. I stumbled into a nice thermal and was back in the game - up over 10k!

At this point Chris had come back to join me in the boomer thermal -but he was too late. Chris continued to work the slopes but I soon lost sight of him. We were in Radio communication so I continued to push South - maintaining good height and hanging out over Mt Sproat at around 10.5k

I had plenty of height to glide across Galena Bay - but did not think I would make it to the beautiful looking NW facing mountains on the other side. Lots of Cut blocks, bare Rock, and slopes that had recently been burned in a fire - looked like a thermal generator dream!

Chris had caught a great thermal and was close behind so I began the glide across. I had a nice tail wind and was getting about a 7:1 glide. I arrived about 1/2 way up the mountain on the other side - and thought I was good as gold.

Fred was chasing us and was at the Ferry - there was a one sailing wait and we were in Radio communications.

I worked that slope for 3k but got nothing - was quite bizarre. Chris whom had flown there before was baffled as well because it had worked great previously. I was having a hard time believing that it was not working. I saw a cut block close to the base of the hill - decided to work the hill to the very last and land there if necessary. Well it was necessary, and the cut block was nowhere near as nice as it was from the air - but managed to land safely.

Chris was still in the air so I radioed him and he relayed to Fred that I was down safe and about 1k from the hwy. I packed up and hiked out. Chris was not having any luck either and decided to land at the Trout lake junction close to the Ferry. About 10 min later Fred picked us up and we were on the next Ferry ride back!

This XC was very unusual and special. Having a chase driver certainly added an element of freedom to push without concern about retrieve. It was great to fly with a more experienced pilot. Having company also added to a sense of safety and shared adventure.

Thanks to Fred Wilson and Chris Delworth.


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Re: Revelstoke XC July 2014

Postby Ihor » Tue Jul 15, 2014 4:28 pm

Nice flight! Beautiful scenery.
Is that a smudge on your cam lens?
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Re: Revelstoke XC July 2014

Postby RichardB » Wed Jul 16, 2014 8:23 am

I have been having a problem with condensation on my go pro. It has happened on a number of my flights. I have ordered some anti-fog inserts that will hopefully fix the problem. A real shame because the scenery was truly amazing.
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