Bolean (Falkland) - Revised: Aug 29th 2015

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Bolean (Falkland) - Revised: Aug 29th 2015

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Site Name: Bolean "NOTE: THIS SITE IS DESIGNATED XC "Only". - Revised: Sept 24th 2014

Direction of Launch: S - SE . . . . .. Site suitable for: HG & PG
Direction of PG Launch: SW . . . . . Site suitable for: PG
Type of Site: Mountain . . . . . . . . Type of flying: Thermal
Elevation: Launch 5000' asl . . . . . GPS: 50°31'24.71"N 119°31'28.70"W
Elevation: PG Launch 5000' asl. . . GPS: 50°31'16.68"N 119°32'24.47"W
Elevation LZ: 2000' asl . . . . . . . . . GPS: LZ :
Site Regulation: OSA. . . . . . . . . . . Cross Country potential: Excellent 80 Km +
Location: 40 Km West of Vernon off Hwy 97 1km East of Falkland.
- Okanagan Valley in South Central British Columbia Canada.

Flying season: Assign value 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 (4 = Highest):
Spring: 3 . . . . . Summer: 4 . . . . . Fall: 2 . . . . . Winter: 2 (new - snowmobile access)

Skill level Recommendations:
Late Spring and Summer: Advanced Rating Required, Recent SIV course and Chute Repack are both highly recommended.

Special Skills Sign Off Recommendations:
Turbulence, Recent SIV Course strongly recommended.
- Bolean is an "Experienced Advanced Rated Pilot" Flying Site (only.)

Vehicle Requirements: 4Wd or High clearance 2WD with very good low gear.
- there is a short bad section of washout at one of the lower corners on the road in.
Logging planned for 2012 - 2013 has begun road work in the area around launch.
Hopefully this road section will be repaired, otherwise it will not take much more to close this road access.
NOTE 1: New logging road from the bottom all the way into launch reported. Stay tuned!
NOTE 1: Logging road crews may have regraded the road down to the PG Launch, and through to the Arthur Creek Access Road.

Description of launch:
HG: Nice natural grassy slope. Needs some trees trimmed belown launch as of August 2015
- Especially on the SE launch which tends to lift right wing, one tree is close to your left wing.
PG: Natural grass slope. Photos:

Launch Road Name & Directions:

HG Launches: East of Falkland on Hwy 97 turn north onto Silvernails Rd. 1.2 Km turn left onto the Bolean Lake Road.
At 2.1 Km you will see the bombout LZ on the left.
At 9.8 Km turn left onto the NEW road into launch. (If you get to the Bolean Lake Lodge you went too far.)
At 10.9 Km take the left fork. 13.2 Km turn left to launch. 13.4 Km launch.

To get to the Paragliding LZ in Faulkland quickly, turn left below launch and drive down the Paragliding Launch Road. A Very good road.

Old Road directions and map: ... =co&disp=a
Kmz file: ... =co&disp=a

PG Launch:: 1.6 Km past the Hang Gliding Launch turnoff.
5.1 Km north of Faulkand on the Faulkand-Chase Rd, turn right after the cattleguard onto Arthur Creek Rd.
5 Km up turn right onto the A 1000 Rd. (at the 6.3 Km mark take the left fork.)
At the 8.1 Km mark turn right and park at the trail head at the 8.3 Km mark.
0.6 Km down hill hike following the trail.

Times to Fly: best from late morning to 5 PM. Can turn catabatic ~ 5:30.
Faulkland Webcam

Soaring Information and Weather Notes:
For your HAGAR Canadian Airspace information, see: ... space.html

Canada Rasp: Windgrams:

Advanced pilots only from Late Spring through the Summer. Rigidly enforced rule.
This can be an intense site and it's famous for it's big air. Towering Cu's can build fast and it can OD in minutes.
Lee side thermal conditions here are an experience you won't soon forget.
The tremendous instability at this site has made it a favorite for competitions.

On rare occasions wind rushes through the valley bottom. Watch for trees bending in the very bottom of the valley
- and if so, run for it to wide open spaces like the Okanagan Valley, or in easterlies over to Westwold or on to Kamloops. Both options are easy in a tail wind.

For Hang Gliders, the bail out LZ is above the valley floor on the road up to launch, found at the base of the mountain.

During stable summer days Bolean often has the only cu's in the valley.

"House" thermals ("Rodeo Air") are
a) immediately in front of and to right of the HG launch 300 meters wide by a50 meters to the right and left of launch; and:
b) though less so, in the "punch bowl" 300m to the west.

If conditions are too rough for you, fly
a) east to the west face of Mt Connaught.
There are two very nice, very clean house thermals there, one well out from the North end of the ridge, one in the central area, quite far out.

b) Or around to the west bowl on Bolean; or

c) Across the valley to the North face of Tuktaktemim.


No place for even experienced Intermediates in the summer unless carefully supervised for early morning or evening flights.
Good idea to have an wind dummy check the air before newbees launch.
You can be standing on launch and have NO IDEA what you are getting into until you are in the air and in it.
The site is so thermic that you can launch into lee side conditions without knowing it... until you are in it.

Description of LZ:
a) The only option now especially for HGers is to land in the bomb out field below launch or fly out of the Falkland valley area.
The bomb out LZ slopes downhill, eats lots of Hang Gliders, and is just before the Bolean Lake fork 1.9 km up the Silvernails road.
Good place to practice up-hill landings in light and variable conditions.
(The large field on the East side of the road just past the alternate LZ slopes at a greater degree than your glider angle.)
b) Paragliders have been allowed to land in the field in the north - center of Faukland Townsite, north of the school at the very north edge of town at the base of the mountain
- when crops were down and with prior permission of the Churchill's: the landowner
Check it out first - be aware of the low power line at the west end of the field. Easy walk to the pub 2 blocks south of it.

Our old landing field on the south side of the highway east of Falkland is CLOSED as is every other field in the valley bottom along the highway.
We've burned all our bridges in the valley bottom east of Faulkland

Landing Road Name and Direction:
a) The Bomb out field is important to know about. Winds blow up unexpectedly in the valley bottom. Winds are usually lighter, landable at the bail out LZ.
- definitely recommended that check the LZ's before going up.
Bomb out ALZ is 12.1 km up the Silvernails road from the Hyw intersection. It is right below launch but it is sloped.

Paragliding LZ in Faulland in the field across from the school on Tuktaktemim Rd, at the intersection with Churchill Rd.

Other Information: Photos ... /index.htm
Designated as an XC "Only" Site right now, noting the is the Bomb Out Lz is A-Ok if needed.
DO NOT come here with the intention of top to bottom flights.
We have burned all our bridges with landowners in the valley bottom along the highway so good PR is needed to keep the site.
Just so you know, the landowner of the Bombout is A-OK with us landing there. His WIFE is the person leading the charge to drive us out of the valley.
- No Joke. Things are rather dicey in Faukland.

Class "E" Airspace above 2200' AGL and with several Victor Airways directly overhead.

Many pilots stay at the Bolean Lake Fishing Lodge. The lodge (road in) is open all winter now to accommodate snowmobilers and XC skiing etc. and Chris Ramakers has offered to provide snowmobile access all winter long to the launch from the Lodge.

There are many BC Recreation (Camping) Sites in the Faukland area, with some nice camping farther up the Bolean Lake Rd:
- Go straight ahead instead of turning left to go to Launch just north past the Bolean Lake Fishing Camp.

1. Bolean Lake Rec Site (5 free Campsites)
2. Arthur Lake North
3. Spanish Lake or:
4. The Pillar Lake Rec Site - north of Faulkland, past the road up to Bolean's SW Paragliding Launch.

FIC Advanced Weather Briefing and HAGAR Notification: 1-866-WXBRIEF (1-866-992-7433)
French service: 1-866-GOMETEO (1-866-466-3836)

Radio Frequency:
123.400 Mhz (Aircraft) & 173.640 Mhz, Local Club Radio Frequency: 146.415

Site Record(s): Altitude Gain: 11,000' asl Out & Return: Mara Race to Goal: Lumby.
Open Distance: 135 km E nearly to Faquier, 140 km Nth to Valemont Duration: . . . . . Dog Leg: . . . . . Triangle:

Primary Contacts:
HG: Borge Host 250-503-7285
PG: Greg Penner Cell: 250-306-1325
PG: Doug Nitchie Cell: 250-308-9854
PG: Don Herres Cell: 250-550-5304

Paragliding off Bolean's South Launch - by Richard Bruneau

Photo of Dave Curtis launching Nov 1st 2008 off the Paragliding WSW facing launch he logged and cleared at Bolean;
Followed by the photo identifying the "Bomb Out" LZ and "Do Not Land Here" areas of the Faulkland Valley:

(Right click on the images to see the complete picuture.)
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