Oscar's (Savona) Revised: Nov 12th 2015

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Oscar's (Savona) Revised: Nov 12th 2015

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Oscar's (Deadman's) - TVSC Website: http://members.shaw.ca/KVRC/

One of the more popular flying sites in British Columbia.
One of the best XC sites in Canada. Period. Read about an XC Flight towards Vernon.

Direction of Launch: West . . . . .Site Suitable for: HG & PG
Type of Site: Mtn . . . . . . . . . . .. Type of Flying: Thermal, Ridge and Wave
Elevation Launch: 3450' asl . . .. GPS: N 50 47 48.7 W 120 54 06.5
Elevation LZ: 1550' asl . . . . . . . .GPS LZ: N 50 45 38.1 W 120 53 31.9
Site Regulation: Informal. . . . . .. XC Potential: Excellent 150 Km +
Location: North-West of Savona which is at the west end of Kamloops Lake.

Rating Recommendations:
Mild Int . . . . . Moderate: Int . . . . . Strong: Adv.
Demonstration at Training Hill may be required

Flying Season: Assign value 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 (Highest)
Spring 4 . . . . . Summer 4 . . . . . Fall 3 . . . . . Winter 0 - 1

Vehicle / Transportation Requirements:
Any vehicle but 4X4 is best when wet.

Description of Launch:
Rounded rocky, gravel bluff with a 60' rock cliff in front. Two launches side by side.
Get a good short run and beware of vertical rising air just in front of launch. Good Launch skills required for Paragliders, PG launch is a short hike north.


The Dumps - an East Wind Ridge Soaring launch is at the far east end of the 747 LZ.


Road Directions to Launch:
8 km West of Deys Centre in Savona on Highway # 1.
At the top of the hill after crossing the bridge, turn right North) onto Sabiston Lake Rd. The 747 LZ is to the right of the road 300m up.
Two kilometres north is the "Crash Pad" LZ and a side road to a lower launch above the "Toilet Bowl" bombout LZ.
To upper launch, take the main road up for 7.0 Km and take the first major left fork in the road marked "Smith Camp Forestry Road".
After a couple of switchbacks you will stop climbing. At 7.2 Km take the first left turn and left again at the 7.8 Km mark through to the meadow.
Please park and carry your glider (5 min.) into launch especially when it is wet as alpine meadows take years to recover.


Times to Fly
The site usually starts around noon but can have good ridge early in the day.

Soaring Information and Weather Notes:
For your HAGAR Canadian Airspace information, see: http://www3.telus.net/cschwab/viewer/ca ... space.html

Canada Rasp: http://www.canadarasp.com/RASPtable.html
Windgrams: http://www.canadarasp.com/windgrams/

Famous for Wave flights. Read up on the "Crash Pad" below.

Savona East View, Tobiano seen center right.


Tobiano's East View looking along Kamloops Lake. - the route to fly to avoid flying through the Kamloops Airport Control Zone.


Description of LZ:
a) Large sage brush field near the training hill and Hwy 1 called the International (or the "747" 'cause you could land one here.)
b) The 'Toilet Bowl" at the bottom, below launch is limited in size as a subdivision encroaches on it - not adviseable for novice pilots. The access road crosses the bridge, "lz" is at the south end of the road.
c) The "Crash Pad" alternate LZ 1/3 of the way up. Called the crash pad due to rodeo air from thermals breaking off.
d) Top landing for PG in 2 meadows behind launch and at a clearing at the end of the ridge.
Hang gliders may top land in the large meadow 1 km east of launch but be prepared for switching conditions.

International LZ: (Training hill in the background.)


Other Information:
Class E Controlled Airspace above 2200' AGL.
Re-set your altimeter to the accurate launch altitude before flying.

Call Transport Canada Flight Services Station at 250-376-7941 prior to any XC flight near the Kamloops control zone.
Fly around the 5 mile control zone, not through it.
FSS will require information about where you are flying from, where to, what time period, expected altitude and if you carry a radio.

FIC Advanced Weather Briefing and HAGAR Notification:
1-866-WXBRIEF (1-866-992-7433) French service: 1-866-GOMETEO (1-866-466-3836)

Lac Du Bois Grasslands Protected Area, overlooking Kamloops Lake, looking WSW towards Savona.


Radio Frequency: 123.4 Mhz (Aircraft) & 173.640 Mhz, Local Club: 146.415

Camping is forbidden at the "Crash Pad" due to repeated fires caused by campers. This is a Native Reserve. Please respect their property.
A good consistent flying site which produces excellent thermal lift, Class E controlled airspace occurs from 2200' AGL to 12,500 ASL due to Airway V323 and V 324.

The KVR hosts some of the most reliable and consistent XC competitions each Easter Weekend and the Longest Day of the Year meet at this site. It's also one of the best flying re-union parties.
The campground is Steelhead Provincial Campground at the west end of Kamloops Lake in Savona on the lakeshore.
Ask for Mr. Layce at 250-373-2500. Full service sites are open all summer. Reservation are not normaly required.

Site Record(s): Altitude Gain: 11,999 Open Distance: 158.00 mile (252.80 Km) to Grand Forks by Randy Haney in 1988.
Dog Leg: 85.5 Km . . . . . Duration: . . . . .Out & Return: 130 Km . . . . .Triangle: 143.2 Km . . . . .Race to Goal: 148.4 Km

Primary Local Contacts: . . . . . Regulating Body: Thompson Valley Soaring Club (TVRC)

PG: Terry Butcher Cell: 250-320-0103 tsbutcher@REMOVE.THISgmail.com
PG: Harold Sartorius 250-376-2198 Cell: 250-320-5438
HG: Dave Wagner Tel 250-579-9182 dave_wagner@REMOVE.THIStelus.net
HG: Lawrence Barichello 250-372-8459 lawrence-b@REMOVE.THIS4warding.com
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