Nice flight April 12th...haha. !!

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Nice flight April 12th...haha. !!

Postby flyok » Tue Apr 12, 2011 10:11 pm

The first day back into Vernon today, looks good... no one to fly with ? But about 2pm I notice a glider setting up on lower launch when I was coming back from town , stopped and talked to a pilots named chris from Revelstoke , he had a very short flight down from king eddy . but he also went way to far to the valley , I went home got my wing and noticed Greg and Chris launching from Baldy . ah ha someone is flying ... Greg got above launch but top landed he had to go into town for an appointment . Chris had sunk out already after about 1/2 hr , I grabbed him and went to upper for a flight , overcast and light and it was 4pm now ! Oh well we launched and started to go up very easily, the thermals were great and large and wonderfully smooth so we got about 2-3 g's over upper and did a few out returns and had really nice flight after 1.5 hrs we landed.... had some beers at my house, I would say that was an excellent way to start the season , lets hope we have a nice year for flying .... nice to be back ! cheers Glenn D :lol: PS I'm using Doug N computer and log in !!
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