Recommended Paramotoring YouTube Videos

Recommended Paramotoring YouTube Videos

Postby Emilio » Fri Jun 03, 2011 11:23 pm

Here's some PPG videos on YouTube that I particularly liked or found interesting, don't try this at home:

1. A series of videos of Ben paramotoring across Canada: ... otiMYg3hiE

2. Paramotoring in Thailand in the Phang Nga Bay: ... DeAprzrBuE

3. Flying in Les Gorges Du Verdon: ... re=related

4. NIRVANA Paramotors night flight:

5. Paramotor swoopdown in Daejon City-It's amazing what they can get away with in other countries: ... re=related

6. Dell of Flat Top Paramotors making a bad name for ppg but still some impressive skills: ... rFMC4685GY

7. The future of paramotoring is electric, The Yuneec E-pac: ... ature=fvwp

Later Y'all,


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