MotionX GPS for iPhone For Tracking Flights

MotionX GPS for iPhone For Tracking Flights

Postby Emilio » Mon May 23, 2011 2:08 pm

Went for a paramotor flight this morning in the Joe Rich/Big White area. I thought I would try to use my iPhone to record the flight using an app called MotionX GPS($3). Seemed to work great, records lots of information, check it out below. It would work great for free flights as well. Best part is you can open the flight on Google Earth, email a map link and/or Google Earth files .kmz & .gpx to yourself or friends. Cut a small hole in your glove at the finger tip to use inflight to touch the iPhone screen without having to take your gloves off all the time. Here's what the email looks like that it sends out to give you an idea of what info it records during your flight:

Emile uses MotionX-GPS on the iPhone and is sharing with you the following track:
Name: PPG Joe Rich/Big White Flight
Date: 2011-05-23 11:06 am
(valid until Nov 19, 2011) View on Map: ... 265b442e7d

Distance: 20.9 kilometers
Elapsed Time: 43:49.9
Avg Speed: 28.6 km/h
Max Speed: 53.1 km/h
Avg Pace: 02' 06" per km
Min Altitude: 923 m
Max Altitude: 1,106 m
Start Time: 2011-05-23T18:06:52Z
Start Location:
Latitude: 49.844025º N
Longitude: 119.101320º W
End Location:
Latitude: 49.844178º N
Longitude: 119.102520º W

MotionX-GPS Commonly Asked Questions
1. What is MotionX-GPS?
MotionX-GPS is the essential GPS application for outdoor enthusiasts. It puts an easy-to-use, state-of-the-art handheld GPS on your iPhone.

2. Can I use MotionX-GPS?
Sure! MotionX-GPS can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store. Or try the free version, MotionX-GPS Lite .

3. How can I display tracks in Google Earth?
Follow the directions on the Google Earth web site to download and install the Google Earth program. Save the attached "PPG Joe RichBig White Flight.kmz" file to your computer. Launch Google Earth, select File, Open, and open the saved "PPG Joe RichBig White Flight.kmz" file.

4. This email was forwarded to me. Where are the attachments?
Some e-mail programs do not include the original attachments by default when forwarding an e-mail. In this case, the sender must reattach the original files for them to be included.

Please contact MotionX customer support with any comments or questions.
All the best,
The MotionX Team
US and Foreign Patents Granted and Pending. Fullpower® is a registered trademark of Fullpower Technologies, Inc. MotionX™ is a trademark of Fullpower Technologies, Inc. © Copyright 2003 - 2011 Fullpower Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.
ver: MotionXGPSFull 16.0 Build 3912R; ref-id: df243786d0f884f0cfea0a265b442e7d
PPG Joe RichBig White Flight .txt
Google Earth Track Record - Just rename with .kmz instead of .txt
(58.3 KiB) Downloaded 335 times
PPG Joe RichBig White Flight.txt
GPS Track Record File - Just rename with .gpx instead of .txt
(94.53 KiB) Downloaded 409 times
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