Electric motor news ....

Electric motor news ....

Postby Glendog » Thu Apr 21, 2011 1:00 pm

Some news on the electric motor from charly !

we are in the finish for the thermicbeamer Charly Scott-e? Charly Bird-e? Sorry for the Confusion... the Charly harness is now named Bird-E, the name for the electric engine will be Scott-E.


We did a lot of testflights during the last weeks. The thermal wakes up and we used it! A lot of little changings were done. Different pilots, weight ranges, nova wings... were used!

The unit engine/harness is working perfect. All the testpilots remarked the easy groundhandling. Total weight of the Scott-e backpack is arround 19 kg. Engine-battery-controlling... evrything is included in the black Scott-e Body. No battery in front! The weight for the Bird-E harness incl. rescue chute is arround 8 kg.

During flight, you will not feel any weight on your back. It is like to fly tandem with a passenger. now we reached nearly 100% function for the system. As you can see "design follows function", the shape of the unit is now smaller and more compact. We write in big orange letters Scott-E...

The following YouTube clip will show you some take-offs. There is no music in the background, the "noise" you hear is coming from the near road:


Scott-E offers a lot of high-end technology. It is not easy, to compare our advantages with competitors. Therefore we did a checklist, where you can compare the
Scott-e features with other products:

http://www.charly-produkte.de/en/bird-e ... ird-e.html

This product is made by a team of experts. Flytec Switzerland, Electric Sports Germany, Charly Produkte "Bavaria", Dr. Werner Eck and Joachim Experts put their competence in the product. The electronic cage less system will offer more safety to the pilots. More then 18 companies are using now Flytec HPD System.

The system will be presented at the Aero Flight Show 2011 in Friedrichshafen: http://www.aero-expo.com/
Let me know if your interested ... cheers
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