Landing at the Oliver Airport

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Landing at the Oliver Airport

Postby siteguide » Sat Nov 10, 2007 9:25 pm

Penticton Airport Information:

For your HAGAR Canadian Airspace information, see: ... space.html

Tips for landing at the Oliver Airport
See Photo Below.

The preferred landing area for HG or PG is the grassy area on the South West side of the runway.
Shaded in yellow below.
On normal approach circuit aircraft are supposed to cross the runway at 1000 ft. AGL,
so you should keep your eyes peeled or avoid the center of the airport around this altitude.
While aircraft are crossing the runway at this point the pilots will be looking down to get wind direction
and checking for other active planes on the ground, they likely will not be as observant to other aircraft in the air.

Of course both ends of the runways at low level should also be avoided because this is the area that aircraft
will be using while landing and taking off.

Anytime you approach an airport you increase the likelihood of getting close to powered aircraft,
but by the process of elimination you can reduce the chances of getting too close.
For instance, if you are 100 - 500 ft. the safest place to be is to the sides of the runway,
and if you are getting ready to land in the preferred landing area you should be on the West side over the town,
so you don't have to cross the runway at low altitude to land.

It is impossible to cover every possible scenario that one may encounter when landing a Hang Glider without a radio
at the airport, but through personal experience I have discovered that the hardest to deal with situation can be
when there is an aircraft at the end of the runway getting ready to take off. You can never be sure
if he sees you or not, and it's hard to make your self more visible without actually putting yourself in his takeoff path.
The best thing to do is to plan a landing at the same end of the runway that the aircraft is parked
and as far to the side as you can to avoid any prop blast if you are behind him.
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