Hedley - Updated Aug 23d 2015

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Hedley - Updated Aug 23d 2015

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Site Name: Hedley - South Okanagan AIr Riders (SOAR) Website

Direction of Launch: SE, SW . . . . . . Site Suitable For: PG & HG
Type of Site: Mountain . . . . . . . . . . Type of flying: Thermal
Elevation Upper Launch: ? ' Asl . . . GPS: Upper Launch: 49°21'10.20"N 120° 120° 2'13.33"W
Elevation Lower Launch: ? ' Asl . . . GPS: Lower Launch:
Elevation LZ: ? ' Asl . . . . . . . . . . . . . GPS LZ:
Site Regulation: Informal. . . . . . . . . Cross Country potential: Good
Location: North of Hedley, which is 25k west of Keromeous, 30k east of Princeton on scenic Hwy 3, 3 1/2 hrs east of Vancouver

Flying season: Assign value 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 (4 Highest):
Spring: 3 . . . . . Summer: 4 . . . . . Fall: 2 . . . . . Winter: 0

Ratings Recommendations:
Mild conditions: Int . . . . . Moderate: Int . . . . . Strong: Adv.

Vehicle Requirements: 2WD
Description of launch:
Excellent Huge South facing with options SE and SW .
Big launch area, nice short grass like Euro launches from Cows grazing. Many options for many gliders, room to set up and lay out.

Launch Road Name & Directions:
Nickel Plate Road 2 km east of Hedley on the north side of the road.
It is the first gravel road really heading up mountain a little past Church turnoff on south side of Hwy #3.
Launch road is left just before the tailing ponds after some buildings.
Watch for the Badger crossing sign.
It's about 10 Km up with ± 85 switchbacks and known as old Apex Ski Resort Rd.

Times to Fly: all day.
Season April till November with strong from April till mid September.

Soaring Information and Weather Notes:
For your HAGAR Canadian Airspace information, see: http://www3.telus.net/cschwab/viewer/ca ... space.html

Canada Rasp: http://www.canadarasp.com/RASPtable.html
Windgrams: http://www.canadarasp.com/windgrams/

Hedley RASP thanks to TJ Olney: http://wxtofly.net/Hedley_iwindgram.html
Smart Phone Small Convergence RASP Loop for the South Okanagan thanks to TJ Olney.
See: http://wxtofly.net/iok.html

A spectacular place to fly. Strong but very flyable for advanced pilots all summer.
Nice thermals as late in the year as mid to late October.
- Kerameos Webcam looking west towards Hedley.

Watch the valley winds: you can escape into the canyon and have what is called a "terrain park for paragliders" available to you .
If you get a perfect 10km per hr westerly , you can start at the launch 3000 vertical feet 1000metres above valley and climb up ridge over the Gold Mine which is higher and over top launch which we hope will open up eventually for us.

On an East wind you can soar two diffeent Rocks, the first while crossing the first Ridge going West, the second being the scenic Snaza'ist Rock above town. More on Hedley on http://www.explorex.net under news, scroll back pages 1,2,3,4 etc. for many Hedley stories and pictures.

This is big air country. The valley and town east of Hedley is called Keremeos - native for "Valley of the Winds" and as a box canyon and a narrowing in the main valley (major venturi effect) you need to be careful about flying there in windy conditions, and be aware the valley winds can pick up significantly before you can get down.

Description of LZ: Various
Landing Road Name and Direction: Most fields around Hedley have been very welcoming .

At the Colonial INn, east end of Hedley, on the left hand side at the first corner on your way out of town.

Alternate LZ's
a) HWY 3, various landing fields directly below at Church,
b) Ball diamond in town,
c) The field west of town above town on a plateau.
d. At the Gold Dust Pub, but watch for powerlines.
e ) Also field directly south of that ball field. It's safer with west wind as it is more unaffected and is in the middle of the Valley. Powerlines run part way through it, but it's huge.
f) Rustic Camp Ground LZ - when the crop is cut.

NOTE: The Church LZ is Closed.
Church was the best option in front, and the benches below Snaza'ist Rock, you had to check in first with Mascot Mine Tours and Derek to let the Band know.

Not sure about the current condition of the:
Second smaller ball field across from Upper Similkameen Band Hall on the S side of Hwy #3 across the Street is Snazai'st Centre, Mascot Mine Tours Hdq Building.

Other Information:
Class "E" Airspace above 2200' AGL - Class "E" Airspace above 700' AGL just north of launch.
FIC Advanced Weather Briefing and HAGAR Notification: 1-866-WXBRIEF (1-866-992-7433)
French service: 1-866-GOMETEO (1-866-466-3836)

Annual Thanksgiving Day Weekend Fly-In held here each year, hosted by:
Peter Chrzanowski petercperu@REMOVE_THISyahoo.ca

Snaza’ist Discovery Centre

Radio Frequency: 123.4 Mhz (Aircraft) & 173.640 Mhz, Family Radio Band, Local Club: 146.415

The fields in the valley heading west to Keremeous have many power lines with poles hidden in trees. If you see a small "outhouse" in the middle of a field or hidden in a grove of trees, it is likely a pumping station and has a very long power line(s) going to it - unmarked by power poles..

Not in operations 2015:
Nice very comfy tourist Buses operate to Mascot Mine and the charge is $10 to launch (no means to carry HG's, but you can take the bus to retrieve).
On a day off flying definitely check out the Mine Tour. See schedules at Mascot Mines.

A couple nice restaurants in town. Check out the Health Food restaurant. It's top notch.

Hedly B&B's ain't so cheap but they are convenient and both have wi-fi

Rustic Camp Ground
There are three BC Recreation Camping Sites in the Hedley area:
1. Old Hedley Road East Rec Site
2. Old Hedley Road West Rec Site
3. Pickard Creek Rec Site

Site Record(s): Open Distance: Rock Creek Dog Leg: Vaseau Lake to Oliver
Out & Return: Anarchist
Altitude Gain: . . . . . Duration: . . . . . Triangle: . . . . . Race to Goal:

Primary Contacts:
SOSC Group on the Line App
HG: Peter Ehlers Tel: 250-496-5927 Cell: 250-462-0794 pedro158@REMOVE_THISyahoo.com
HG: Peter Rasmussen 250-485-4044 Cell: 250-462-4270 pecosurf@REMOVE_THIShotmail.com
PG: Peter Chrzanowski: 1-604-730-0151 Cell: 1-604-813-2200 petercperu@REMOVE_THISyahoo.ca (Pemberton)
PG: Sean Dougherty Tel: 250-497-6003 Cell: 250-286-0753 sean.dougherty@REMOVE_THISnrc.ca

Photo: The view east down the valley from the air.

Followed by a Photo of Launch, looking east down the valley.
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