Ripleys - Updated Aug 12th 2015

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Ripleys - Updated Aug 12th 2015

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Site Name: Ripleys - Updated Aug 12th 2015 - SOAR Website:

One of the most popular flying sites in the area.

Direction of Launch: NE . . . . . . Site Suitable For: PG & HG
Type of Site: Mountain . . . . . . . Type of Flying: Ridge & Thermal
Elevation Launch: 3080' Asl . . . GPS: 49°14'46.69"N 119°37'27.90"W
Elevation LZ: 1500' Asl . . . . . . . GPS LZ: N 49 15 26.3 W 119 35 55.7
Site Regulation: Informal . . . . . Cross Country Potential: Good
Location: NW of Oliver off the Oliver to Cawston back road.
- Okanagan Valley in South Central British Columbia, Canada.
Do Not Land in Burrowing Owl Preserve: GPS NO: N 49 15 25.8 W 119 36 08.5

Flying season: Assign value 0 1 2 3 or 4 (Highest4):
Spring: 3 . . . . . Summer: 3 . . . . . Fall: 3 . . . . . Winter: 1

Ratings Recommendations:
Mild Conditions: Nov . . . . Moderate conditions: Nov . . . . Strong Conditions: Adv.

Vehicle Requirements: 2WD - 4WD for the last 100m

Description of Launch:
Good ramp or a clean grassy slope. Many snags in front. Do not park at launch. Great Morning site.
Thermal is right out front, good for Novices. A clearing in an area destroyed in a fire. Great site for dawn soaring.

Lower launch is closed to all but locals due to the owner not wanting to see a lot of people here.
If you want to try this lower site, you must call and fly with:
PG/HG: Peter Rasmussen 250-485-4044 Cell: 250-462-4270
Peter Ehlers Cell: 250-462-0794 or
Jeff Cook Hm: 250-497-5623.

Launch Road Name and Directions:
Watch for the post sign for Ripleys Lake midway between Oliver and Cawston.
Turn North and shortly after take the left fork into the road to the Forestry Campground,
At the next two intersections go straight ahead and then go around the North side of the Lake.
At the far East end turn northeast 0.5 km (rugged 2WD) into launch, or carry on to the last campsite and then turn east 0.5km (4WD) into the HG ramp launch.
Finding launch can be difficult - best to go with a local pilot the first time.

Ripley Lake Recreation Site Campground at Launch


Soaring Information and Weather Notes:
For your HAGAR Canadian Airspace information, see: ... space.html

Canada Rasp:

Ripley RASP thanks to TJ Olney:
Smart Phone Small Convergence RASP Loop for the South Okanagan thanks to TJ Olney.

House thermals right in front of launch, in the bowl.

Times to Fly: Excellent morning site, Excellent NE winds site - which are common.

Description of LZ:
3-1 glide out front. Land near the road on the western half of the field. (Well away from horses or cattle.) Do not land on Burrowing Owl Reserve.
See information in Photo Below.

Landing Road Name and Direction: Check with local pilots:
Large scrub field 7 km North of the Fairview-Cawston Rd on White Lake Road leading to the Radio Telescope facility. Lz is 0.5km south of the 1st road south of the Willowbrook Rd.
Park alongside the main road, do not drive onto the LZ.
Land on the East side of the road and DO NOT land in the Burrowing Owl Reserve on the west side.

Other Information:
Class E Airspace above 700' AGL.
FIC Advanced Weather Briefing and HAGAR Notification: 1-866-WXBRIEF (1-866-992-7433)
French service: 1-866-GOMETEO (1-866-466-3836)

Radio Frequency: 123.4 Mhz (Aircraft) & 173.640 Mhz, Family Radio Band, Local Club: 146.415

There are several BC Recreation Camping Sites nearby:
The Ripley Lake Forestry Rec campsites at the west, north, and east sides of the lake, 200 m from launch, are very nice.

Ripley's is a good intermediate site with good thermals well away from the hill.
Do no fly below 1500' AGL over the Radio Telescope facility. (To the North.)

If you go XC to the Oliver airport be on the constant lookout for aircraft. Do Not cross over to the East side of the runway.
Hang Gliders, Paragliders set up on the West side of the airport and land on the grass strip South of the airport office.
Planes set up on the East side of the airport and land on the runway.
Please Observe these rules so Flying may continue in this sensitive area.

Site Record(s): Altitude Gain: 11,999
Duration: . . . . . Open Distance: . . . . . Dog Leg: . . . . . Out & Return: . . . . . Triangle: . . . . . Race to Goal:

Primary Contacts:
SOSC Group on the Line App
HG: Peter Ehlers Tel: 250-496-5927 Cell: 250-462-0794
HG: Randy Hanes Tel: 250-498-6903
PG/HG: Peter Rasmussen 250-485-4044 Cell: 250-462-4270
HG: Jeff Cooke Tel: 250-809-8836
PG: Sean Dougherty Tel: 250-497-6003 Cell: 250-286-0753
PG: Russ Klatt Tel: 250-498-9425
PG: Jim Ongena Tel: 250-486-7166 Cell: 250-486-7166
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