King Eddy and Baldy (Vernon) Revised: Nov 28th 2015

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King Eddy and Baldy (Vernon) Revised: Nov 28th 2015

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King Eddy and Baldy - Revised: July 5th 2013

Direction of Launch: NW. . . . . . . . . . . . . Site Suitable For: PG & HG
Type of Site: Mountain. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Type of flying: Thermal & Ridge
Elevation Baldy Launch 3,452' asl. . . . .. GPS: -119.5247W, 50.5234N
Elevation LZ 1,690' asl . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. GPS LZ: -119.1736W, 50.2158N
(Lower) King Eddie Launch 2,658' asl . .. GPS: -119.1626W, 50.2077N
Site Regulation: OSA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HPAC Insurance and Waiver mandatory
Cross Country potential: Good 50 Km +
Location: 8 miles East of Vernon on Hwy 6 on the South side of the road.
- Okanagan Valley in South Central British Columbia.

Flying season: Assign value 0 1 2 3 or 4 (4 Highest):
Spring: 4 . . . . . Summer: 3 . . . . . Fall: 3 . . . . . Winter: 1

HPAC skill level Recommendations: Mild conditions: Student
Moderate conditions: Nov . . . . . Strong conditions: Int. & Adv.

Vehicle Requirements:
2WD to our preferred hike in parking area.
There is a club lock on the gate into launch to restrict access and to limit road damage. Rugged 2WD last 200m into launch. 4WD preferred.
Do not drive into launch when the road is wet.

Description of launch:
Good Clear grassy slopes facing West on the top (Baldy) Launch and NW + W on the lower (King Eddie) launch.
- The upper "Baldy" Launch has been vastly improved. PGers can "top land" on the King Eddie launch and take off again.
Famous high flight site and great air for novice and for intermediates learning their skills.

Baldy (Upper) Launch:


King Eddie lower launch is a hike in. The Road in is closed but we have been told foot traffic is O.K.
It has good, forgiving west and north launches.
Experts are able to on-top land on the lower King Eddie launch area.

King Eddy (Lower) West launch.


Photo of the lower, "King Eddie" Launch as seen from the LZ.


Launch Road Name & Directions:
Head east from Vernon on Hyw #6 heading to Lumby. Turn south at the King Eddie Gravel pit. Follow the road up from the LZ stay and take the first left on Brewer Rd. Half way up to launch, take the left fork. At 4 km you should see a pullout on the left hand side (about 3 kms up from the turnoff) to access the hiking path up to Baldy Upper Launch and down to King Eddie Lower Launch. (There are piles of dirt where they've blocked the road and No trespassing signs.) The club is going to erect a sign marking this hike in spot.

Baldy (Upper) Launch: There is a cattle guard a little way past the pull out, and a short gated road up to the Baldy launch. Turn left at the top of the hill. Gate is periodically locked. Contact Glenn Derouin or the list of key holders below if you must drive into launch.

Times to Fly: usually late morning on, but as a high flight site, excellent all day.

Soaring Information and Weather Notes:
Outstanding high flight site. The bowl in front of Baldy and the 1/2 Km of ridge running east from King Eddie is an excellent place to learn thermal skills.
OSA recommends this site (and Vernon Mt.) for students, high flights, novices and rusty pilots.

Our most experienced PG pilots rate this as the top site in the Valley. A great place to crack off half a dozen flights a day - quick turnaround.
Good gentle thermals around Baldy Launch. Good thermals can be found a short 2 Km XC west on the NW facing ridge above Deep Lake and Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park. Lots of bombout LZ's below.

Canada Rasp:

CYA 122 (H/A) Class "G" Airspace to 6,200' ASL begins well to the east near Lavington.

Class "E" Airspace above 700' AGL following land contour. This is HAGAR country.

A Soaring Symbol on VFR Charts identifies this as an active flying area, however:
The 9th busiest airport in Canada is just south of here. Canadian Aviation Law is that in order to fly here, above 700' AGL following Land Contour, you must have your HAGAR and you must phone in your Flight Itinerary to FIC each and every day.

For your HAGAR Canadian Airspace information
See: ... space.html

Please ensure you know when major airlines are scheduled to fly through our flying areas.
Flight Aware Live Aircraft Flight Tracking "All Airlines Feed." at:
Works on Smart Phones. When you join Flight Aware it will remember the area and airline feeds you are most interested. Unscheduled Airline Flights are being added.

Description of LZ:
Designated LZ is on the East side of the access road above the old gravel pit. Use the walk-over, and keep pets out of the LZ. Do Not Land In Crops Or Break Fences or land in fields with cattle!
Park well off to the side as this is an active road, especially for logging traffic.


Landing Road Name and Direction Alt LZ's include:
a) the field on the west side of the road near the highway when crops are down.
b) the field on the north side of the highway across from the east end of the main King Eddie LZ.


Other Information:
Radio Frequency:
123.400 Mhz (Aircraft) + Monitor Aircraft 122.800 MHz Vernon MF (15 miles west)
173.64 MHz FM, Local Club Radio Frequency: 146.415

FIC Advanced Weather Briefing and HAGAR Notification:
English Service: 1-866-WXBRIEF (1-866-992-7433)
French Service: 1-866-GOMETEO (1-866-466-3836)
Nav Canada FSS Kelowna Tower: 250-765-3426

The Ranch has been excellent for the last 30 yrs about allowing us to use it's property and we as a local club would love to make this site a permanent thing, It is however concerned about liability issues and does not want anyone flying there without insurance, without having signed a waiver or without having contacted a local pilot.

Any schools, competitions or tandem pilots that are operating here must contact Paraglide Canada. Remuneration is expected by the Ranch from any commercial (tandems, schools, competition) activities on Coldstream Ranch property.

There are many, many very nice and quiet BC Recreation Recreation (Camping) Sites in the Vernon area, with some of the nicest farther up the King Edward Lake Rd.
- take the right hand fork instead of turning left to go to launch.
The most convenient are:
1. King Edward Lake North Rec Site;
2. Streak Lake
3. Damer Lake
4. Oyama Lake

Campers note: the club has installed a picnic table at Baldy Launch.

Site Record(s): Altitude Gain: . . . . . Duration: . . . . . Open Distance: Tappen, Cherryville.
Dog Leg: . . . . . Out & Return: . . . . . .Triangle: . . . . . Race to Goal:

Local Regulating Body: Okanagan Soaring Association (OSA)
Primary Contacts and launch gate key holders: (NOTE: Gate is open most weekends. Leave it as you find it.)
FlyOKPG or FlyOkHG Group on the Line App

PG: Glenn Derouin Tel: 250-503-1962 Cell: 250-308-9389
PG: Doug Nitchie Tel: 250-308-9854
PG: Greg Penner Cell: 250-306-1325
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