Sicamous - Revised Aug 24th 2015

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Sicamous - Revised Aug 24th 2015

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Sicamous Revised May 29th 2015

Note: A Great Video Tour:

Direction of Launch: South. . . . . . . . Site Suitable For: HG, PGers and SIV Courses
Type of Site: Mountain . . . . . . . . . . . Type of Flying: Thermal.
Elevation Launch: 3500' asl . . . . . . . GPS: 50°51'37.97"N 118°59'45.42"W
Elevation LZ: LZ: 1100' asl . . . . . . . . GPS: N
Site Regulation: Informal . . . . . . . . . Cross Country Potential: Fair 20 Km
Location: Mountain is due Nth of Sicamous overlooking Shushwap Lake.
- Okanagan Valley in South Central British Columbia, Canada.

Flying season: Assign value 0 1 2 3 4 (Highest = 4)
Spring: 4 . . . . . Summer: 2 . . . . . Fall: 3 Winter: 0

Ratings Recommendations:
Mild conditions: Nov. Int. Moderate conditions: Nov. Int. Strong Conditions: Adv.

Vehicle Requirements: Any vehicle.

Description of Launch:
a) Hang Gliding Ramp is an Excellent large, wide ramp (repaired in 2011) off the side of the road. Wire assist may be required with even moderate winds.


b) Paragliding / SIV Launch 800 m to the east of the Hang Gliding Ramp.


Launch Road Name and Directions:
Head east from the Hwy 97 and #1 intersection, turn north at the first road (Hiller Road becomes Shushwap Soqaua Rd.) and cross the bridge and watch for ALZ's on either side,
- turn right along the base of the mountain and take the first good road heading north up the mountain.
Turn off onto the #300 Forestry Rd - about 5.8 km up the dirt road.
Another ~ 1 Km in and you'll see the Paragliding launch and then 150 m on, the HG ramp immediately to your left.
15 minutes turnaround from LZ to launch on a very good 2WD road.

The Hang Gliding set up area is on the road, so don't block traffic with vehicles.
Our Hang Gliding Ramp is a popular scenic lookout point for the community.

Times to Fly: all day. Excellent spring, early summer and fall site.

Soaring Information and Weather Notes:
For your HAGAR Canadian Airspace information, see: ... space.html

Canada Rasp: Windgrams:

Small, "cannon ball" thermals are close to the vertical south facing cliff face are fun and educational: learn to do 180° turns in lift to gain altitude.

The west facing ridge around the point has very pleasant thermals overlooking the lake with an easy glide back downwind to the Old Town Beach LZ.

Description of LZ: Varies - check with locals. Do Not Land in crops.

Landing Road Name and Direction:
The main LZ's are

1. Sicamous Old Town Beach. (Once rated amongst the top 10 beaches in the world.)
Immediately east of the main Hyw #1 Intersection with Hwy #97 turn north onto Hillier Road then turn left (west) at the base of the mountain onto Old Town Road and drive to the end.
Photo is taken looking south towards the grassy breakdown area. The windsock is to the left of the boat.


2.The northern half of Sicamous Beach in front Sicamous Sands RV Country Club. Access via Silver Sands Road.
This is just north of the public beach. (North of the railroad bridge which crosses over the Sicamous Narrows, NW end of town.)

3. A large field east of the built up area of town on the east side of Sherlock Rd, south of Highway #1.

4. There are bomb out LZ's below and to the east of launch.
a) The L Shaped field around the "water" treatment plant
b) a large field (often in crop) across the road from it (east side)
c) the old log sort yard just NE of the crop field, immediately south of the railway line.

a) The Regional District has given us permission to land on the northern half of Sicamous Beach in front Sicamous Sands RV Country Club. This is the LZ used for events such as the Sicamous Hang Gliding ReUnion Fly-In. Access via Silver Sands Road.
This is just north of the public beach. (North of the railroad bridge which crosses over the Sicamous Narrows, NW end of town.)
b) The Regional District has given PGers permission to land in the waterplay park just NW of the rail road overpass behind the public beach. This is a very tight LZ, surrounded by High Trees now.

FYI to the old timers:
The ball park in town is now closed to landing.

Great lighting really show off the outstanding scenery in this
Sicamous Turn and Burn Video:

Then if you fast forward to 7:30 you get a good view of the pretty Sicamous Sands LZ and approach.

View from the South Facing Sicamous HG Ramp, looking towards the west facing Mara Launch over Mara Lake to the south.
The Sicamous Sands Beach LZ is the grassy area and sandy beach seen at the right corner of the Hang Glider's Control Bar.


At 5:20 you get a good but distant view of the Old Town Beach (SIV LZ) with the proposed PG / SIV launch site above it.
- the east bay shoreline's water is knee deep for 100m or more. :D

Other Information: Annual fly-in on the second weekend of September.
Class E Controlled Airspace above 8000' ASL.
Re-set your altimeter to the accurate launch altitude before flying.

FIC Advanced Weather Briefing and HAGAR Notification: 1-866-WXBRIEF (1-866-992-7433)
French service: 1-866-GOMETEO (1-866-466-3836)

Radio Frequency: 123.400 Mhz (Aircraft) & 173.640 Mhz, Local Club Radio Frequency: 146.415

Site Record(s):[/b1 Gain: 11,000' (Max) Duration: . . . . . Open Distance: . . . . .
Dog Leg: . . . . . Out & Return: . . . . .Triangle: . . . . . Race to Goal:

[b]Primary Contacts
:: . . . . Local Regulating Body: Okanagan Soaring Association (OSA)
FlyOKPG or FlyOkHG Group on the Line App

HG: Rick Carr Tel: 250-836-0276 Cell: 250-833-8888 (Sicamous)
PG: Jeremy Lafreniere Cell: 250-833-9255
PG: Doug Nitchie Tel: 250-308-9854
PG: Greg Penner Tel: 250-869-2681
PG: Ken Steiner 250-833-4568 Cell: 250-832-5887 (Salmon Arm)



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