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Postby flyok » Sun Nov 18, 2012 10:38 pm

If your new (or not) check out the Gallery below! Lots of Pictures to give you a glimpse into free flight in the Okanagan!

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FlyOk Flying Site Galleries & Youtube Channels

Postby Fred Wilson » Tue Dec 01, 2015 2:05 am

The Okanagan is an OK place to fly.
- That's why the Okanagan Soaring Association website is: :thumbs:

OSA Club Motto:
More Flying Sites Than Pilots!


FlyOk Flying Site Galleries: Revised Jan 26th 2016

1. North Thompson Flying Sites: ... lyingSites
2. OSA Flying Sites: ... lyingSites
3. Revelstoke Flying Sites: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=323t=437
4. TVSC Kamloops Sites: ... ringClub02
5. South Okanagan Flying Sites: ... lyingSites

Club Member YouTube Channels: Revised Jan 25th 2016

1.. .PG Brent Szotak: ... tMB3gt0vew
2.. .PG Claudia Busch:
3.. .PG Claudia Mota:
4.. .HG Dave Underwood:
5.. .HG Dave Wagner:
6.. .Freedom Flight School: ... RBptEa8kMA
7.. .PG Harold Sartorius:
8.. .PG Jerry Mason:
9.. .HG Jesse Scrimbit: ... m8ftMTvSCQ
10...HG John Lang:
11...PG Mark Jennings-Bates:
12...PG Peter Rasmussen:
14...HG Randy Rauck:
15...PG Richard Bruneau:
16...HG Russ Alcock:
17...HG Stew Alcock:
18...PG Terry Butcher:
19...HG Tyler Borredaile:

Other regional videos have been produced by:
1. HG Neil Muir
2. HG Al Dicken
3. HG Kent Simmond Sun Peaks:
4. HG Wildflyingbc
5. HG Hysteresis53
6. PG Lensecap
7. PG ajaxwawa
8. Denis Roumiantsev

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