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Video Tour of Spokane, North Wa Region Flying Sites

PostPosted: Thu Aug 13, 2015 1:04 pm
by Fred Wilson
Nth Washington (Spokane COL Club Region's HG /PG Flying Sites - a Video Tour. Enjoy!
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Spokane area pilots get loads of airtime here in the winter. See why!
They seem to open a new launch every week or two!!!
- Lately I heard they are interested in acquiring east (and west) facing launches south of Nighthawk Station (Osoyoos.) :thumbs:

- Several of these sites are just south of Osoyoos BC / Omak Wa USA.

Thanks to:
Mike Bombstead (Wonder Boy) at:
Steve Baran at: ... Vf9Zy48PYQ
And Clint Johnson: ... LJN-DVgNCw

Caleville Mt. Colville WA:

Devils Gap:

Eagle Butte:

Eagle Mt. Chewelah, WA - start, then skip to t0 7 Min mark:

Flagstaff Mt Northport Wa:

Franson Peak just south of Curlew, Wa:

High Drive, Spokane:

Hogback (Yellowstone River Valley) at:

Inklers. Starts at 2 min mark:

Lake Kaweah:

Little Vulcan Mt:

Mount Leona Malo Wa:

- Jimmie's launch:

Pothole Canyon Omak Wa:

Saddle Mt:

Sage (Airport) Three Rivers:

Slim Pickens - Palmer Mountain NW of Tonasket, WA

Steptoe Butte:

Tekoa - R side launch:
- Slippery Gulch Launch:
- NW Spur launch:

Tharp's Peak:
Tharps Peak XC to North Fork:


Tow Sites:

Dry Falls Wenatchee:

Sad Farm:



Wilson Creek:

Re: Spokane, North Wa Region Flying Sites Video Tour.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 01, 2015 9:11 pm
by Fred Wilson
St Joe Badly-Jorges: a for real EEK!!! launch: