Cawston main LZ closed. New alt obtained.

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Cawston main LZ closed. New alt obtained.

Postby Fred Wilson » Wed Aug 12, 2015 10:26 am

pecofly wrote:The main LZ (hayfield ) for Cawston has been closed indefinitely. PeteR

The locals recently acquired permission to land elsewhere.
- I do not know if this is suitable for Hang Gliders though it has been flown by prang danglers since this LZ was acquired.
Note that the primary LZ always has been down wind, over the top of the Mt at the Oliver Airport.

I will update the site guide when I obtain the precise information. Interim LZs are routinely gained and then again and again lost here.

Again, club rules for the flying site is that visitors MUST fly with club members.
There is a long, long history of ongoing and recurring issues with the local First Nations Band and local farmers.
This is a HYPERSENSITIVE flying site.

The monster big field west of the highway at Cawston is owned by the brother of a Salt Spring Island Paraglider pilot. He forbids ANYONE, including his brother, to land there.
Nuff Said Fred.

TJ Olney, Seattle WA PG pilot has generated RASP pages for Hedley, Anarchist and Ripleys (which should do for Cawston as well as the two sites are so close together.)

The Can-Am meet has been cancelled as Black Knight has been closed all summer due to fire hazard.
He is encouraging everyone to go to / move the event to the Hedley Fly-In.
- Now posted the Wa state Yahoo Group forums.
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